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January 16, 2012

Yeasayer Microsoft IE9 Party

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Written by: Eric Matzner
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Yeasayer at SXSW 2011 for the Microsoft Internet Explorer nine party, was pretty cool. The lead singer, messed with me a bit during their show. He took my camera back and press pass and held them up as an example that the press passes were so expensive. Little did he know that the one he was looking at I had made at Kinko’s early that day. He was like WTF and threw it across the stage. Later on he want to fuck with me while I was smoking and I ended up putting that into his hand and he took it for it a hit and brought it back. Pretty wild. And he threw back over the camera back at the end.

When the video quality changes it is because my Flip Cam died and I switched to iPhone.

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Eric Matzner
As a writer, photographer, technologist, Eric feels more alive at SXSW than anywhere else in the world. To capture that feeling and to help others experience SXSW, Eric created Live at SXSW.



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